How we give back.


   Purposefull Apparel is an extension of, and partners with the non-profit (501(C)(3) Purposefull People. It is a community and organization and led by Austin Mitchell who is the founder of Purposefull Apparel and Purposefull People. Where we encourage and empower all people to pursue purpose, by loving God and loving people. We develop content that point people towards purpose, hold interviews with impactful people of our generation, and give messages of hope. All as we meet important physical and social needs in our community such as food drives, clothing drives, and more.

  In our partnership we organize social events, serving opportunities, and programming for individuals with special needs. So that they can have and live a life full of purpose. Austin's brother Allen has an intellectual disability called Down Syndrome. Supporting those with special needs is an important mission of Austin, Purposefull Apparel, and Purposefull People. Everyone deserves a chance to be seen as an equal, and live a life full of purpose.


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