Our Mission

Purposefull People is a ministry and community led by Austin Mitchell. Where we spread the message to live full of purpose by making the choice to pursue God's presence. We do this through our online content, in person gatherings, serving events, and apparel. 

Our mission to empower all people to pursue their purpose It's time for us all to take purpose seriously, and know that purpose is power. Life can be so painful, but keep living. God created you on purpose and for purpose.



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Austin Mitchell is the founder of Purposefull People who has a heart to live full of purpose, give messages of hope, reach the lost, and serve those in need. He develops purposefull content on social media, speaks at different organizations, and organizes serving events to help those underprivileged in his community. Home for Austin is Plano, Texas which is a suburb of Dallas where he is also a Young Adults Pastor at Grace Church Plano.


One of the biggest inspirations behind the creation of Purposefull People is Austin's brother Allen, who has Down Syndrome. Which is an intellectual disability. Austin saw how his brother was living a life full of purpose, even though he has so many reasons not to because of his disability. That lit a fire inside of Austin to inspire and empower others to do the same. To let everyone know that even though life may be hard or unfair. That we still have, and can live with purpose. Austin provides a message of hope and purpose that is engaging, authentic, and relatable to all types of people. He believes he is on the same journey as everyone else, the journey to pursue purpose. What he knows is that we can’t be the best versions of ourselves, or bring God the most glory without the help of others.                 


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    Email: austinmitchell@purposefullpeople.org